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Cufflinks at online shops in Bangladesh


You have heard about cufflink. It is a type of jewelry which is used as a button of a shirt. I am calling this jewelry because it looks like jewelry. Fancy designs with various colors and materials are the main attraction of cufflinks.


What is cufflinks:


Cufflinks are only for the shirts. Some shirts have cuffs with buttonholes but without buttons. Men use cufflinks to attach the cuff. It was introduced first at 1600. But that time, cufflinks were not so popular. But after 1800, it was common for the men. In 1900, people started making colorful cufflinks with gemstone and other materials. Women used to wear various items to beautify themselves. Men also loved to wear jewelry. In the 1950's men used to wear cufflinks to adorn themselves. Along with other materials like cigarette cases, pocket watches, money clips, rings etc.


Different types of cufflinks:


There are different types of cufflinks. Let’s know about them. 



1. Whale back cufflinks: this type of cliffs are the most common. It has flat heads, plump posts. Its tails can flip totally against the post. The tail is called whale tale. It is very easy to use.


2. Bullet back cufflinks: this type of cliffs are very much alike the whale back cufflinks. But the post is different. It has a hollow frame post.


3. Button style cufflinks: this cufflin consists of a big head, a plump post and a small interior head. This ensures security. But not easy to use.


4. Chain link cufflinks: this is the traditional cufflinks. It has two similar heads which are joined with a chain.


5. Silk Knot cufflinks: These cufflinks are similar with chain link cufflinks. But the materials are different. It is made with fine silk. The head is knotted with silk.


6. Fabric cufflinks: it is very perfect for casual styles. The head of the cufflink has fabric.


7. Ball return cufflinks: its post is curved shape and a heavy ball which is on the opposite of decorative head.


8. Locking dual action cufflinks: this is a unique type style. Cufflinks are folded here. Locking process is dual action type.


Materials of cufflinks:


There are various types of materials which are used in cufflinks. And the cufflink price differs from the material. Like gold cufflinks or silver cufflinks are precious and costly of course. But there are other materials too.


1. Crystal: some cufflinks are very attractive and give natural sparkles. They are made with crystal. Various shapes and colors are available.


2. Pearl: some pearls are used to make shirt buttons. They are similar with this type of cufflinks. They are valuable, strong and organic.


3. Stones: precious stones like diamond, emerald and ruby are used to make these types of cufflinks. They are very expensive. Of Course they give an elegant and royal look. Various shapes are found here.


4. Metal: precious metals like gold, copper, silver, platinum or titanium are common materials. They are bright in color and very elegant.


5. Silk: silk is also an element for the cufflinks.


Uses of cufflinks:


Now, you may wonder, when the perfect time for wearing cufflinks is. I will tell you that anytime when you are wearing a suit. If you have a business meeting or deal, or a wedding to attend or a formal party to go, you can wear cufflinks. It increases your smartness and makes you look royal. But you should choose the right cufflinks for the right event. There are some cufflinks for men which are ideal for every occasion. You can make personalized cufflinks too.


Bangladeshi online shop and cufflinks:


Men don’t use cufflinks a lot in Bangladesh. Now many men have started using this while they are wearing suits? They are loving this thing. They are buying cufflink shirts, various personalized cufflinks in Bangladesh. Now many shops are selling cufflinks for men in Bangladesh. Shadmart is one of the leading e-commerce sites. You can buy various types of cufflinks like gold cufflinks, silver cufflinks, sterling silver cufflinks and monogrammed cufflinks online for men in Bangladesh at a reasonable price.


Cufflinks are a perfect jewelry for men. If you want good quality and fancy designed cufflinks, visit our online shop and buy your favorite cufflinks and adore yourself.