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Men’s Pocket Towel in online shop in Bangladesh


Traditionally, men always carried handkerchiefs with them from the ancient time.  In many novels, movies and poems, we can know this thing. Even some women used to make handkerchiefs and designed them for their husband, father, son or brother. But now, the time has changed along with the traditions. There is a special type of handkerchief used by the men which is called pocket square. 


What is pocket square? What is the purpose of wearing it?


Pocket squares and handkerchiefs are not the same. Some people call pocket squares as pocket towels. Even as they are worn with a suit or coat, so it is also known as coat pocket rumal or suit pocket handkerchiefs. Whatever it is called, it is very different from normal handkerchiefs. We wear pocket towels for the show only. Men never use it to clean or wipe anything. They are just for beautification. 



On the other hand, handkerchiefs are used for various reasons. Men use it to wipe the water, sweat or anything from mouth or hand. Our father, grandfather always used handkerchiefs.


The differences between handkerchiefs and pocket towels:


Besides the purpose, there are more things to add in the fact the differences between handkerchiefs and pocket squares. I am describing here the difference between a handkerchief and a pocket towel.


1. Material:  handkerchiefs are used to wipe the face and hand. It is for the regular uses. That’s why cotton made handkerchiefs are best. Some are normal cotton handkerchiefs and some look like mini towels. But they are 100% cotton. Cotton can absorb liquids easily. On the contrary, a pocket square or pocket towel is made from silk, linen or cotton with various designs and colors. But handkerchiefs are generally simple in design. 



2. Size of a handkerchief and a pocket square:  handkerchiefs are smaller than a regular towel. And pocket towels are smaller than a handkerchief. Because, pocket towels or squares should fit perfectly in the breast pocket of your suit. Handkerchiefs are used for regular use. They can be a little bit bigger than pocket squares. But not so big that it takes a big place. 



3. Thickness: normal handkerchiefs are thicker than pocket towels. As pocket towels are made from silk or linen, they are thinner and easy to decorate for the pocket. And they should be thinned to be folded easily. 


Bangladeshi men and pocket towel:



In Bangladesh, men generally wear suits at a wedding or parties. They were not aware of using pocket squares before. But now, the internet has taught us many western cultures. Men have started wearing pocket towels or coat pocket rumal in Bangladesh. Especially, grooms love to wear colorful and fancy pocket squares. There are some casual pocket squares for the normal occasions. 


Now tie with matching pocket squares are available in the markets. Both online and offline shops in Bangladesh are selling combo packs where you can get bow tie, normal tie and pocket towel with same design and same fabrics. It is a good thing as a present.


Pocket squares at Shadmart in Bangladesh:


You can find your favourite colored and designed pocket squares or suit coat pocket handkerchiefs online in Bangladesh. Just visit the website of Shadmart and find various types of coat pocket hanky. We are selling fancy and nice colored casual pocket squares, coat pocket rumal, pocket squares, pocket  handkerchief for suits, pocket  handkerchief for blazer, suit or coat pocket  handkerchiefs online in Bangladesh at a reasonable price. You can wear pocket towels matching with your suit or coat. 



Men look very smart with suits and pants. They look more attractive and formal if a nice pocket towel is folded and placed in his breast pocket. This can be called a men’s accessory also. Now buy your favorite men’s accessories from Shadmart and get ready for any program with confidence. You will be the showstopper.