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Maternity products in Bangladesh 


Motherhood. It is not only a word. Actually, it is more than a word which can’t describe mother or motherhood. Every creature in this world has a mother. And they are the reason for producing children. Human beings are not different from them. We all have come into this world through our mother. Our mother carried us 9 months in their womb. And the feeling of motherhood is beyond explanation. Mothers say, it feels like heaven. Of course, the whole motherhood time is the best time for them.


Maternity Time: 


Maternity time starts with the pregnancy.  It is the most vulnerable and important time for a mommy to be. The hormones, shapes and mentality change during this time. They need extra care and love. Mood swing is very common at this time. Many pregnant women start falling into depression and anxiety. Many develop diabetic and other hormonal problems. And most importantly, every mother fears about death at this time.

Women during pregnancy: 


In the world, pregnant women get extra care and benefits. Even in many developed countries, they get special treats from governments. Now a big industry has opened for them. They need extra nutrition at this time. So many food nutrition products are made for them. They need extra care for their skin. Many suffer from hair loss problems, many suffer from acne problems, and they get stretch marks on their belly. So for them special cosmetics are available. Because, this time they should be free from dangerous chemical substances. The most important thing is their clothes. As their body shape changes quickly, they need loose clothes which are soft and comfortable. Maternity clothes are very popular among them.

Pregnancy and Bangladesh: 


In Bangladesh, there was no extra care for mothers and would be mothers. That’s why the mortality rate of pregnant women was high. Even children were suffering from malnutrition. But now the situation has changed. People are aware about pregnancy and care. Mothers now get special treatments from family and government. In Bangladesh, as many women are now working, they need special maternity clothes and other products. Previously all these products were not available in the market. But now many places are selling the maternity items in Bangladesh including online shops.

Products for pregnant women: 


Pregnancy time is not normal. Here two lives are dependable. So everything should be good for mother. Here are the basic ideas about maternity products and guidelines.


1. Maternity Clothes in our online shop: What is the cutest thing about a pregnant woman? Without doubt, everyone will say it is a baby bump. But not everyone enjoys showing their bump. Mostly at the last trimester, mothers feel uncomfortable with their bump while going out. Again, mothers should be comfortable all time. Many women complain that they can’t wear their favorite outfit at this time. They need to wear old style clothes. That’s why clothing is very important. It is a good thing that now many fashion designers and brands have made beautiful and styling maternity outfits. But there are things you need to consider. 

  • Stretching clothes: as mommy gains weight at this time, there is no perfect shape for clothes. So stretching clothes is the best choice for this time. You don’t need to buy clothes frequently. 


  • Quality: Of course, quality matters. Women love fashionable dresses. And now good quality maternity dresses with new designs are popular.


  • Weather: some countries are hot and some are cold. During pregnancy, mothers may feel extra hot or cold. That’s why buying clothes according to the weather is important to feel fresh. There are clothes for pregnant women in summer and winter.


  • Long time durable: It is not that after delivery your motherhood is over. For the breastfeeding mommy, there are some unique designer clothes to help in every situation.


  • Pants: maternity pants cover the baby bump. Don’t worry about the fitting. They are easy to wear. 


  • Undergarments: maternity undergarments are different. They are extra comfortable even with baby bumps. And during breastfeeding, they are lifesavers. 

Shadmart, the popular online shop in Bangladesh, is giving you a super chance to buy fancy, cute and nice quality maternity dresses to pregnant women in Bangladesh. You can get maternity pants, maternity dresses, maternity tops, breastfeeding undergarments, maternity undergarments for our mommy to be. 

2. Cosmetics you will get in our online shop:


Cosmetics are made from chemicals and toxic elements. Pregnant women should be aware about this. They can’t use all the cosmetics. Specially there are some chemicals which are prohibited during the expected time. Retinoids, hydroquinone, parabens, phthalates etc. are totally prohibited chemicals for them. There are special types of cosmetics which are harmless for both mother and babies. If you are in Bangladesh, then trust our online shop Shadmart. We are supplying good quality cosmetics for pregnant mothers and babies with a cheap price range. We have cream, lotion, shampoo, stretch mark removing cream, oral care sets, toothbrush etc. 

3. Nutritions products in our online shop:

Food and nutritions are very important factors for a mother. Child’s growth depends on this. They need good foods like egg, vegetables, fruits, milk, nuts, vitamins etc. Some mothers can’t eat properly due to sickness. They can take some medicines and supplements to be healthy. Shadmart is supplying good nutrition products in Bangladesh. 


4. Others: mommy should relax. We are selling all kinds of necessary items for mothers like mattress, slippers, breastpump, breast pads, big bags etc are available in our online shop. 


Shadmart always cares about people. So if you are pregnant or any of your family members or friends are expecting, then trust Shadmart and give them super quality maternity products.