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Swimming accessories in online shop in Bangladesh


Swimming is often considered as one of the best exercises. It is also an Olympic event. And most importantly, it is a survival course for anyone. From ancient times, swimming is a popular game and means of entertainment. 

History of Swimming


In the past, people used to swim in lakes, ponds, rivers or oceans. Around 7000 years ago, people used to swim. Mostly, people from coastal areas need to learn this lifesaving thing at an early age. There are different purposes and benefits of swimming. 

1. Health benefits: swimming is one of the best exercises and it is  good for both mental and physical health. People with arthritis can swim without a problem. It is also beneficial for pregnant women, people with cardiovascular problems and a good form of workout. Swimming even changes the moods and removes anxiety.

2. Entertainment: many people swim for fun. Especially on weekends, many people go to the swimming pool or river side to swim.

3. Sports event: Swimming is a popular sport in many games like Olympic, Commonwealth, Asian games, South Asian games etc. Michael Phelps, Mark Spitz are top swimmers in this world.

There are different swimming styles which are known as strokes. Side stroke, free style, butterfly stroke, backstroke, breast stroke, diving etc. they are different from each other.

Swimming Accessories:


There are many swimming accessories available in the market. Let’s know about some swimming accessories.

1. Swimming Goggles: the human eye is powerful. But we can’t see good underwater. That’s why a good pair of swimming goggles are important while jumping on the pool or water. It helps to see clearly under water. Again, if you are swimming in the pool, you may suffer irritation of eyes. Because pool water contains chlorine. So to avoid any problem, use googles. While buying googles, see the shape, style, fitting size and of course google and of course it is comfortable to wear. It should be fit for your.


2. Swimming cap: swimming cap doesn’t keep your hair dry. It is worn for many causes. Like protecting your hair from harmful chemicals, stopping hair to come in front of the face, etc. measure the size and material of your cap before buying. Because different materials and swimming caps are found in the market. 


3. Earplugs: it is also an important thing for people. Water can enter your ear and you may get an infection or other problems as well. Earplugs will protect your ear from entering the water. 


4. Swimming dress: A swimming dress is made of lightweight clothes to move freely. There are various types of swimming suits for men, women, and kids. 

Swimming and Bangladesh:


Bangladesh is a riverine country. And in our village, we see a lot of canals or ponds. Village people learn swimming at an early age. Every day they go swimming. You will see many children jump from the tree on a pond. Now, in Dhaka, as no ponds are available, people go to swimming pools. Many 5star hotels offer swimming courses or swimming lessons every summer. We have many renowned swimmers as well who have played international events and won prizes. Jewel Ahmed, Arun Nandi, Rafiqul Islam, etc. are swimmers in Bangladesh. 


Swimming accessories and online shops in Bangladesh

Many people sell swimming accessories in Bangladesh at various places. Especially, many online shops are selling various swimming products in Bangladesh. But it is true, without professional players and trainers, most of the people don’t wear any particular swimming costume in Bangladesh. There are different kinds of swimsuit for men. Even swimsuits for women and kids are also available in the market. But all are not good in quality. Shadmart is selling various types of swimming suits for men, swimming costume, swimming suit for women, swimming accessories like swimming cap, swimming goggles, swimming airbag, swimming tube, arm ring, beach pants, etc. online in Bangladesh with reasonable price. And all the products are very good quality and fresh. You can buy these swimming clothes and accessories from our online shop in Bangladesh easily. 


Everyone loves swimming. Whenever they get a chance, they jump on the water. Enjoy your swimming experience with good quality swimming costumes and products from Shadmart. And boost your mood.