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Artificial Flower and Plants in Bangladesh


In your life, you may meet many plants man and anopheles. Or maybe you are one of them. People who live in the cities, know the value of natural places. Specially, people who love plants and flowers, know the pain. We can’t touch the green leaf, we can’t smell the fresh flower regularly. But it is true that plants and flowers can change our moods and give us relief from stress. That’s why whenever we get some free time, we try to go near nature. In Bangladesh, especially in Dhaka, flower gardens or green fields has become a rare place to be seen. 


Nature and plants in Bangladesh


Flowers, plants are always considered as gifts in Bangladesh. On every special occasion flowers are the mostly used product here. Our houses are decorated with flowers during a wedding. Some love to decorate their houses with artificial flowers all time. Some keep small flower pots or plants near his table or room. That’s why there are many flower shops in Bangladesh. Flower business is one of the profound businesses in Bangladesh. Near Dhaka University, there is a flower market. Now there are many online markets for flowers also available in BD. 


Now many people keep indoor plants in their home or office. They keep it for two main reasons. They are a part of decoration and they give a natural feeling. Many buy flowers every day and keep those in a flower vase. Some do gardening as well. But in Dhaka, it is not possible for maximum people as there is no open space. They keep plants on their balcony or roof. In Bangladesh, we love nature as our country is very fertile and many plants grow here. Once Dhaka was known as a green city. But people started living in Dhaka with big numbers, trees got cut and now there are hardly any green areas here. But still people in Bangladesh love plants and flowers. Our rural areas are still very green and beautiful. 


Why some people avoid original plants:


Yes it is true that everyone admires plants and flowers. But some people don’t want to keep these at home. Because there are some problems. The houses are dark as sunlight can’t reach in many rooms. But plants need sunlight. Again, some people are busy and they may have to stay out for a long time. For which they sometimes forget to water the plants or flowers. And many people suffer from allergy and asthma. We know flowers and some plants are a source of allergy for some people. Lastly, flowers don't last long. You need to change flowers often. 


A super solution for home decoration with plants:


Are you wondering about these problems? If you are, I can give a solution and the world is actually using this method. This solution is not new. Maybe you have also seen that thing. I am talking about artificial plants and flowers. We have seen artificial plants and flowers at our home. Now there are more advanced artificial plants available in the market. Now the artificial plants are popular because there are some benefits. For example, it is durable, needs less care and attention, you can keep it anywhere you want.


Which are best plastic or fabric?


There are two types of artificial plants that can be found in the market. Plastic plants and fabric plants. Previously artificial fabric plants were popular. But now plastic plants are taking up a big space. Plastic plants look more realistic than fabric plants. Because, new modern technology is being used here. New plastic models, accurate color combination, different sizes of leaves and flowers (this is an important part as real plants have different sizes of leaves and flowers) etc. are the causes of an artificial plant that looks like an original. We all know succulent. They look like fake plastic plants. And plastic succulent looks like original succulent. Besides, taking care of plastic plants is easy. They are durable. Fabric plants are often damaged by the sunlight and water. Yes, the color can fade away easily and water can damage the shape. Again, cleanliness is an issue for the fabric plants.


What type of plant you should buy:


When you intend to buy an artificial plant or flower, you should consider some facts. You should avoid extra feelings like raindrops, excessive glossy look etc. Rather you should look at some realistic products. You can find this type of plants where plants are not so glossy, have detailed design, some dirty spatch on the base etc. 


Home Decoration tips with artificial flowers:


Now you may wonder how you can decorate your home or office with artificial plants. Here we are giving some super ideas for home decoration with artificial plants. You can keep fake plants at any place. Like the bathroom, bedroom, living room or even study room. If you can manage to have some fresh plants, you can keep both artificial and original plants together in a vase. It looks so classy. For changes, you can change the pot and add some extra leaves or flowers and change the position. Now a new kind of product is found in the market. That is called artificial grass or turf. Now many people keep this on their balcony. It seems like you are sitting on a field.


Shadmart and artificial flowers and plants:


Shadmart is one of largest online shops in Bangladesh. Here you can buy all your daily necessary items like clothes, shoes, bags, baby products etc. Even for your home decor, we supply various items too. If you are finding artificial plants, flowers or turf for your home, you can buy from Shadmart. These products can be gift items in Bangladesh. The price of artificial flowers is reasonable here. Though they are a little bit costlier than normal flowers. But they are more durable than normal flowers. We have all sorts of artificial flowers for wall hanging or decoration, artificial plants for decoration and balcony, artificial grass and many more products. We will deliver flowers or plants at your home in Bangladesh.


So, if you are a nature lover but you can’t get some plants, or want to give your friends and family some new flowers or plants, try some artificial plants and flowers from Shadmart. I am sure you will love our products.