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Pet Clothes & Accessories

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Pet clothes in online shop in Bangladesh


Pet clothes are one of the cutest things for pets. They look very fancy and cute with various types of dresses. Pet owners love to adore their pets with these items. We often see on the internet, some cute cats or dogs wear funny dresses and walk around. After seeing those videos, we also want to adore our pets. But where can you get those cute pet accessories in Bangladesh? It is not an easy task. If you want cat or dog clothes in Bangladesh, then read this article.


Why pet clothes are favourite:


Pet clothes are not only for fashion. There are other reasons too. It can save your pet from several allergies, insects or bugs, cold weather etc. our pets feel comfortable and easy if they get the right clothes. Of course they look extremely cute and fancy. There are many cute character based dresses also found in the market.


Facts to know before buying pet clothes:


Buying clothes for pets like cats or dogs is not as easy as it seems. Pet owners buy clothes for their pet for fun or sometimes for weather. But there are points you need to keep in mind while buying clothes for your pet. They have furry bodies and they move here and there all the time. That’s why it is important to consider the facts carefully.


1. Fabric: the fabric of your pet cloth should be high quality products. Cotton, fleece, knits, wool etc. can be your list. Choose the right fabric according to the weather. There are clothes for particular weathers like summer, winter or spring. Make sure your pet is comfortable with the fabric and cloth.


2. Size: your pet doesn’t sit in a place all day long. They will run and move here and there. This is a vital point to know that clothes should not hinder the movement of your pet. Your pet should move freely. That’s why know the size of your pet. Tight fitting clothes are a bad choice for them. Even the cloth should let them urinate easily. That's why open space near the belly and grain area is a must. Because your pet can’t tell you that he needs to clear himself. 


3. Zipper, button type items: buttons, strips, zipper etc. are hazard types products for a pet. Always try to avoid these items. Zippers may be stuck with the fur. Even buttons can be choking items for the pet. Try to buy clothes which are easy to put on and take off. You don’t need to do any struggle if your pet isn't cooperative while wearing clothes.


4. Physical condition: some pets may suffer from allergy, or insects like mosquito or other bugs. Buy clothes which will save them from these problems. And some fabrics like wool can cause allergy to your pet. Try to buy mixed wool fabric to avoid this problem.


5. Color and design: cute designs and cool colored dresses are available for the pets. Choose colors as you wish. But while choosing a design, make sure your pet will like it and comfortable with it. Otherwise your effort will go in vain.


Pet clothes in Bangladesh


Generally, it is a rare scene in Bangladesh that a pet is wearing cloth. It is because most of the people don’t have pets. And secondly, the pet clothes are not easy to find. Now you can find many pet clothing stores online in Bangladesh. They sell cat and dog clothing items in their online shops in Bangladesh.


Pet clothes Online Price in Bangladesh


If you are looking for good and cute clothes for your pet, you can try our pet accessories from our online shop Shadmart in Bangladesh. Shadmart is selling various cat and dog accessories in Bangladesh. You can find cat clothes, dog clothes, pants or skirts for your pet, winter clothes, spring clothes, summer clothes, t-shirts, cute frocks etc. at a reasonable price. Our fabrics are good and comfortable. We have numerous designs and colors.


So the waiting is over now. Buy good quality cute clothes for your lovely pets and make them stylish. You can wear a matching dress with your pet. Because we know, a pet is your friend and your companion. So show your love for them.