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Sunglasses at online shop in Bangladesh


Give me a name of a thing which can instantly change your look and increase your smartness. Or a thing that is our daily life necessary while roaming around. If you are guessing sunglasses, you are 100% right. Sunglasses can bring a change to your whole look, protect your eyes from dust and sun and will give you a sassy look. Many people can’t think of going out without sunglasses. 


How sunglasses originate and history of modern sunglasses: 


The history of sunglasses are quite interesting. Many believed that Nero the Roman Emperor used to watch the gladiator fighting with cutting emeralds. In the 12th century, people of China used to wear sunglasses made from smoky quartz. In 1913 people knew about crooked glass. This is made from glass with cerium. It can prevent UV rays. At that time movie stars started using sunglasses. After 1929 sunglasses were made for general people. Sam Foster started this business. Now most of the sunglasses are produced in China. There are sunglasses for men and women. 


Previously, beachside people and celebrities used sunglasses more. But eventually, now all types of people from all places use sunglasses. Sunglasses can change the outlook of a person dramatically. Many people use sunglasses to disguise themselves. It is also a fashion item. You look sassy and smart with a perfect sunglass. 


Some characteristics your sunglass must have: 


We use sunglasses to protect our eyes in the daylight from the sun to see clearly. And secondly, of course for the style. But there are more things you need to know before buying sunglasses. Here are the factors.


1. UV Protection: UV rays come from sunlight. There are two types of UV produce from the sun. UVA and UVB. UVA is milder than UVB. But both are harmful for our skin. UVB are responsible for skin cancer and sun damage. This ray is very active during summer from 10am to 4 pm. That doesn’t mean it can’t harm us other times. UVA is less harmful but 50-60% more common. Most of the sunglasses give UV protection to our eyes. UV protection layer is applied to the lens.



2. Polarization: If you drive a car, polarization technology is a must for your sunglass. It blocks the light rays which would enter eyes after reflecting the surface. Polarized lense filter the light that enters your eyes. It will reduce the glare and eyestrain. Besides, you will feel comfortable wearing this glass. Again, it gives a clear idea about color and vision. In one word, polarization works like magic.



3. Frame Shape and material: There different kinds of shapes of frame you can buy. Aviator, butterfly, clubmaster, ovel, cat eye, octagonal, round, rectangular, rimless, semi-rimless, square, shield, wayfearer, wrap etc. you can buy according to your choice and face shape. Again, there are different materials for sunglass frames. Nylon, metal, aluminium, plastic, titanium, acetate etc. 



4. Lens material: the lens of a sunglass can be made from glass, plastic or polycarbonate. Glass lens is a little bit heavier than plastic or polycarbonate. Plastic and polycarbonate lenses are comfortable and can be used regularly. 



5. Color: traditionally, sunglasses made with dark colored lenses are widely used. But it is okay to use other colors too. It is not true that dark colored lenses block more sun. You can wear any colored lenses. Green, gray, brown, yellow, rose, vermillon, amber, blue, purple any colored lens are fine. 



6. Frame style: There are generally three types of frame styles available in the market. Full frame where the whole glasses are surrounded with the frame. Half frame where the half of the lens is covered with frames. And the last one is frameless. No frame at all near glasses. 


Taking care of glasses: it is important to take care of your sunglasses. While cleaning the glasses and lenses, always try to use a microfiber cloth. It is soft and protects your lens from scratches. I will strongly recommend not to use any household detergent and paper towel. You can use a liquid lense cleaner. Never put the glass with metallic things like keys, comb or sticks. Keep it separate in the boxes. No scratches will be there. 


Sunglasses at online shop in Bangladesh:


In Bangladesh, summer time is long. And during summer, it is very hot here. The sun rays are very active. It is important for us to protect our eyes from sun rays. So, it is an important daily accessory for those who go out regularly. Sunglasses are available at a reasonable price in Bangladesh. Shadmart is selling various branded sunglasses here. You can buy sunglasses for men, women and kids from this online shop in Bangladesh. You can find ray ban sunglasses, police sunglasses, and other branded sunglasses here online in Bangladesh. Don’t worry about the quality. We provide 100% original branded sunglasses in Bangladesh with the original price. 


Shadmart is a platform where you can find all the fancy items like watches, sunglasses, jewelry to increase your beauty. Our sunglasses are affordable and stylish for everyone. You can get different kinds of sunglasses with different prices in Bangladesh. So, protect your eye with smartness.