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Stockings or lingerie socks in online shops in Bangladesh

Fashion industry largely depended on women's clothing. There are so many items in this category, many items are unknown for many people. Stocking or lingerie socks is one of them. Though it is a famous item in many countries, still many women don’t wear it. We see in the movies or dramas, women wearing fancy, transparent stockings which increase their beauty and fashion. Black, skin color, white or grey colors stockings are very popular. Brides in the western world wear white stockings.

What is stocking:

Stockings are made with elastic materials and it is a tight fitting sock type leg covering garment. In the previous time, men actually used to wear stockings. But now, women wear this as a fashionable item in the western world. They cover the foot and whole leg. For any formal party, stockings are worn by women. Lingerie socks can be worn in many ways. They can be worn as a normal sock. But sometimes it needs support. Stockings are supported in many ways. 

1. Garter belt: we know suspenders belts which are used by men. Stockings can be supported with small suspenders or garter belts. The stocking is attached with a garter belt which is linked with underwear. It is the most common way of wearing lingerie socks. 


2. Stay-ups: it is also a popular method of wearing lingerie socks. On the top of the stocking, there is an elastic band which can attach the stockings with thigh. But this method doesn't always work. If the sizes of legs don’t match with the band, it may slip or make a mark for tight fitting. 

Another method is garter. Generally brides wear this. 

Stocking Materials:

Stockings are made from silk, linen, wool, nylon etc. The first knitting machines were introduced for the stocking industry.  There are some stockings which are called fishnet hosiery. They have diamond shaped open design. Lingerie socks are normally worn with skirts or short gowns. It was a popular garment item in the last century. But today this item has lost its charm in many countries. Still many girls love to wear stockings. It looks so fancy and attractive. It also gives an elegant look to the women. 

Bangladesh and Stockings:

Women are not very familiar with stockings in Bangladesh. As women don’t wear short skirts or dresses here. But many ladies shops are selling lingerie socks or stockings for women in Bangladesh. There are some stockings for men also. Men can wear a garter belt or suspender belt with their stockings. Though these items are not very popular in Bangladesh. 

Stockings at online shops in Bangladesh:

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