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Online Watch shop in Bangladesh


Watches are more than jewelry, more than daily necessity and more than fashion. Once it was impossible for men from the aristocrat society to roam around without wearing a watch. Either they wore wrist watches or kept pocket watches with them. But now time has changed. Technology has given us many things. Even the purpose of a watch can be solved by a mobile phone or digital device. But the watch still has his own charm. 


Watch and look:


Both men and women wear watches. And it can be considered a costly jewelry for them. And also gives an elite look. There are many watches in this world which are very costly. This is a perfect item for the presents. With the advanced technology, the watches have various functions with royal looks. There are some watches called a couple watch. 


Difference between male and female watch:


There are different kinds of watches to wear for different types of occasions. And of course for different personalities and gender. The main differences between male watches and female watches are wrist size is bigger for men and smaller for women. Same goes the dials also. Even bands are longer for men, shorter for women. And there are some basic colors for women. 


Different types of watches: 


There are different types of watches that are pretty popular. They are classified according to their functions and circumstances. Let’s know the name and functions of these watches.


1. The dress watch: dress watches are normally simple face, thin and light band. They are made with valuable metal and leather. They bring out a person's status and wealth.


2. The diving watch: it is a kind of sport watch for water sports like diving. Scuba divers wear this watch. This watch is made for the ocean water. Really it works well even under the salty water.


3. Field watch: the history of this watch is pretty amazing. In the 20th century, pocket watches were popular. But when World War I started, military people needed band type watches instead of pocket watches. And thus field watch was first introduced. This watch is durable, medium dial, easy to see to time and water resistance.


4. Aviator watch: again a history time. In 1906, Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont told his friend that it was difficult for him to watch his pocket watch while controlling the plane. His friend was not an ordinary man. He was famous French watchmaker Louise Cartier! Cartier made a watch for his friend and named it after Santos Dumont. This type of watch is now known as aviator watch. Now this watch has more functions and design.


5. Driving watch: it’s another name is racing watch. This watch was made for the motorbike and car racers.


6. Smart watch: as technology is so advanced, there are some watches called smart watches. They can be connected to the smartphones, can show the message or call, can measure heart rate, walking steps and many more functions. They are worn for casual occasions. 


Watch buying tips:


While buying a watch, you should know the following facts.

1. Size: sizes of the wrist are not the same for all. And some like big dial watches, some like small dial. So it is a personal choice. Look at the size of your band and dial before buying.


2. Cost: Pricing is an important thing for the watch. As you will see there are various types of watch with various ranges. So you should make a budget before buying a watch.

3. Durability: You will not buy a watch every month or frequently. So buy a watch which will be durable.


4. Comfort: If you need to wear your watch for a long day, you should wear a watch that is comfortable and light. You will find fancy and fashionable watches in the same category.


5. Personal choice: you need to remember that every place has its own watch. Watches you wear tells about your personality, your test and many things. So choose the right watch for the right place.


Watches at Shadmart:


People love wearing branded and fancy watches in Bangladesh. They are passionate about watches. Men and women wear watches on every occasion. Even many kids love to have a watch of their own. There are many offline and online shops in Bangladesh where various branded watches can be found. Shadmart is one of the leading e-commerce websites in Bangladesh, where 80+ million products are available. Here you can find branded and good quality watches for men, women and kids, smart watches, couple watches with original prices. You can buy a couple watches, smart watches from our online shop.  


Shadmart always tries to provide fancy items to their customers. And nothing can beat a watch for looking smart. We are selling all kinds of branded watches online in Bangladesh. So buy your watch from here.